The Wishlist Blog v1.1
May 19, 2006, 5:20 am
Filed under: Features, News

Just a quick heads-up, there have been some updates to, including:

  • Wishlists can now be created without logging in! You can customize every aspect of your wishlist before you even make an account. Like what you’ve made? Signup to save it.
  • Themes! Yes, we’ve got six, count’em six themes that can be applied to your wishlists, with more on the way.
  • Pictures! Attach a picture to your wishlist. We’ve got 21 stock pictures – but you can always add your own.
  • RSS feeds for wishlists. Keep track of what your friends and family are looking for.
  • Some minor bug fixes

Ok, now on to the guerilla marketing. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing some wish-lists posted around the internets…or maybe you’re reading this message because you already have.


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[…] As I detail here , has gone 1.1. What’s new in this update? Well, there are some bug fixes, and some other enhancements, but the biggest news is that you can now create a wishlist before you register on the site. Try everything out, then save it if you’d like. There’s no commitment necessary, people! […]

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