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I don’t call it a “wish list” for nothing.
July 12, 2006, 4:26 pm
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So, if you hang out on the home page of, you can see the items that people are interested in: recently added or commented upon items appear at the front of the product browser window. This also includes items that people have sent to the website from Dashboard widget (although nothing is tied to a user account or personally identifiable in any way, unless you want it to be.)

Well, this morning some pretty impressive items showed up. I didn’t even know Amazon offered these types of products. This one caught my eye:

Ladies Graduated Channel Set Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Diamond 2.50cttw

Ok, I’ll admit it: it was the price that got me. What was it? A cool $14,892.

Hey, if you’ve got a wish list, no sense in being conservative about what you want, is there? 😉